• New Wave u.Go Plein Air Pochade Box, 2021
    In the spirit of getting back to my creative roots, I got myself a gift with money earned through my art. this beautiful darling is a pochade box, or “pocket box“, which is an extremely lightweight and portable easel you can fold up and take with you on trips. Specifically designed for plein air painting, which is painting in the open air! Granted, I decided to go with the largest model from U.Go, so mine ...Check Out The Full Article!
  • holding up a set of packaged magnets
    I’ve been planning to create art magnets for a long time, and recently I finally narrowed down my process and launched my first few sets! It took a lot of research and trial and error to find the right materials (which I’ll blog about later), and when I was finally happy with the result, I was faced with another dilemma; how can I package the magnets? It might seem like a silly question. They’re just ...Check Out The Full Article!
  • Illustration Art Vendor Westermann Creative
    It has been a year now since my first vendoring experience at a convention! My table was at Thundercon 2019. My husband Michael had convinced me to join a table with him and his friend Logan who recently started a podcast together called Us by The Giant. My husband has always been a huge supporter of my art! Logan, who also does 3D printing under the name Sword & Blaster 3D brought along his 3D ...Check Out The Full Article!
  • Westermann Creative Portrait
    Here it is! The launch of my updated website and.. drumroll.. my blog! Finally! I’ve been dreaming about adding a blog for a while now and here is now. It feels great. I’ve read that introductions are customary for new blog launches, so let’s get into it… I’m Lisa and I’m the illustrator and designer behind Westermann Creative. I live in a beautiful city called Thunder Bay, Ontario which is relatively small (population: somewhere around ...Check Out The Full Article!

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