holding up a set of packaged magnets

One way to package flat magnets

I’ve been planning to create art magnets for a long time, and recently I finally narrowed down my process and launched my first few sets! It took a lot of research and trial and error to find the right materials (which I’ll blog about later), and when I was finally happy with the result, I was faced with another dilemma; how can I package the magnets?

It might seem like a silly question. They’re just magnets~ pop them in a bag and you’re good to go! But packaging is about more than that, it helps protect the magnets, keep them flat, and my goal was also to prevent (too much) shifting around, while also providing a clear view of the product.

I decided to package my magnets in a clear bag, so they’d both be protected and easily visible. but when I added them in, they would shift around, overlap and pretty much I’d end up with a big bag of unidentifiable magnets. It looked kind of messy, honestly.

My first attempt at solving it was to use adhesive “glue dots” to stick the magnets to a sheet and slide them into the clear bag. And while it looked great and prevented shifting, I worried it might leave a messy glue residue on the back of the magnet, so that didn’t really work.

I did some more research and discovered one solution: you could glue a metal washer to the back side of a blank paper sheet and the magnets would then stick in place to the sheet ~ preventing any shifting! Perfect! …Or so I thought!

After digging through my tool workshop, I found every sort of screw, grommet, what-sa-thing, but NO washers! It was of course very late at the time and I resolved to either find another way or pick up some metal washers from the local hardware store another day. Yet, I was also very determined… and then it came, another solution! THE solution!

My magnets are cut to shape from full sheets of magnet, so when doing this I end up with a lot of scraps. I usually have a hard time throwing scrap materials away, because I tell myself I’ll find a use for it later. Usually I do, including in this case! The magnets, after all can stick to one another, so.. rather than using a washer underneath, I arranged and adhered the magnet scraps between two card stock pieces! It felt like a win-win!

gluing magnet scraps together to use in packaging
Gluing the magnet scraps in place for packaging. Using up those leftover pieces of magnet!
hand holding magnets ready in layout
Placing the magnets and cardstock together~ the magnets are arranged in a layout.

The trick, though, since many of the scraps were thin and came in all sorts of different odd shapes, was to arrange the scraps in a way that I could ensure scraps would be underneath where my layout would be (the magnet would otherwise shift in between the gaps).

In the end, the magnet scrap solution worked! There is still some shifting between some of the gaps, but the magnetic pull keeps them flat enough and there’s no longer a concern of sticky glue residue! Magnets would arrive to customers in good shape.

hand testing that the magnets stay in place for packaging
Success ! The magnets are sticking to the sheet, keeping them flat and helping them stay in place.

The next step was sliding the card stock and arranged magnets into a sleeve. I used a 4×6” clear polyurethane sleeve~ through I’m looking into a more eco-friendly solution. You can get sleeves in all sorts of different sizes, but this was the size I had on me at the time.

The top of the package was then sealed with a name and my branding~ and of course I added a warning to the reverse as some of the shapes are quite small and can pose as a choking hazard to small children and animals. The top can be stapled, or in my case, I used some hot glue to close it all up.

Overall, I’m happy with my magnets packaging solution! I was able to find a use for all of my scraps and used what I had rather than purchasing additional items. The magnets were protected with the sleeve, and the magnet scraps under the card stock held them in my arranged layout to prevent them from sliding all over the place!

If you’re planning on packaging your own magnets, I hope this helps give you some ideas. Otherwise, if you’ve found another solution, I’d love to hear yours! Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message.



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